A 3.5 ounce, yellow and pink bar of Queen Nyunga Soap.  It has a gold label with a giraffe wearing a crown on it and some bubbles along the side.

Limited Edition Lemongrass Soap

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Available only for a limited time, each 3.5-ounce bar of our organic, vegan soap was hand-made in Hollywood, California.  Our lemongrass scent is perfect to invigorate you and start off the day right!

Our soaps are great for healthy, natural skin routines, and make excellent gifts, stocking stuffers, or home decor accents. 

You can also use it for washing your face in the morning or at night, during your shower, as a shampoo bar for natural hair, and as a makeup remover.

- Olive oil
  - Coconut oil
  - Shea oil
  - Castrol oil
  - Natural lye
  - Natural coloring
  - Lemongrass fragrance oil