About Us

AfroRoyalty Skin Care is an organic skin care line that focuses on Afrocentric ingredients to deliver healthy and healthy-looking skin to all skin types.

My journey in skin care started because I needed to save my extremely dry and damaged skin from the harsh weather in Colorado.  I was born in Angola, an African country with beautiful tropical weather, and at the age of 15, I moved to Los Angeles.  After living in LA for a while, I noticed a change in my skin--not severe, but nevertheless, a change.  Three years later, when I moved to Colorado for college, my skin became severely damaged.  It had been pretty dry before, but after I moved, it began to itch a lot.  I had micro-cuts in my back, shoulders, and arms.  My face never felt healthy or comfortable.  I struggled with finding organic and affordable options to improve my skin.  All of the products out on the market either had harsh ingredients I couldn't identify, or didn't offer the nourishing, moisturizing protection my skin needed. 

So I took the initiative to create a handmade skin care line that delivers exactly that.  AfroRoyalty focuses on creating and maintaining beautiful, healthy, and healthy-looking skin without breaking the bank or causing any chemical damage to your skin.  All of my products come from natural and organic, plant-based ingredients, and are processed sustainably in small batches.  My biggest motivation is that AfroRoyalty Skin Care ensures that individuals of all skin types have healthy and healthy-looking skin that can withstand anything life may throw at it.